Answer to Gas Problem?

Sounds crazy, but just read…

May 31, 2007
Author: WPBF News

SANIBEL ISLAND, Fla. — A Florida man may have accidentally invented a machine that could solve the gasoline and energy crisis plaguing the U.S., WPBF News 25 reported.

Sanibel Island resident John Kanzius is a former broadcast executive from Pennsylvania who wondered if his background in physics and radio could come in handy in treating the disease from which he suffers: cancer.

Kanzius, 63, invented a machine that emits radio waves in an attempt to kill cancerous cells while leaving normal cells intact. While testing his machine, he noticed that his invention had other unexpected abilities.

Filling a test tube with salt water from a canal in his back yard, Kanzius placed the tube and a paper towel in the machine and turned it on. Suddenly, the paper towel ignited, lighting up the tube like it was a wax candle.

eVideo: More On Salt Water Into Fire Technology
John Kanzius is all over the local Florida media, so here are a bunch of stories about his interesting new invention.


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